Project Summary

  • Client: D305
  • Budget: $100,000
  • Core taskes: Art
  • Initial date: January 2020
  • Completion: In Progress

Project Details

Matters…. of every type and quality, poor or rich, sometimes in complete abandonment. Real materials are B.Zarro’sfood, his bulimic meal in a world that is the storehouse of the possible. For the degree there is no terminal concept of the end and everything remains with its own internal chemistry, regenerates itself in the tireless contamination of designing further ideas. The honesty of the creative gesture thus rives in the continuity of urban recycling. I imagine him while the world appears in front of him like a white sheet on which the materials engrave their own imprint. His aesthetic recycling activity confirms how the useless (which is never a story) transmigrates intothe useful: a pure gesture isenough tooverturn, with poetry and visual talent, the corner of dusty ugliness and object solitude.

B.Zarro devours the metropolis and its peripheral excrescences, oriented towards the earth and waste. Asa sensitive poet of visual trauma, he understands how the waste of humanity identifies collective memory, the genetic map of consumer society. He feels their energy, the struggle of heavy forms in a world that seeks speed and instant consumption. Scraps represent the necessary history, the roots that anchor us to the fluidity of the human species. And B.Zarro belongs to the blood of materials, it flows inside wood, plastic, metals, glass, paper, cardboard. He breathes with his eyes, to raise the reuse in the archetypes of a narrative construction, full of events and clues within each piece, each addition, each reversal.